History and origin of Windows XP

Windows XP was released on 25th October, 2001. It is now not readily available to buy but the use of the windows XP still continues, there are many desktop users who use only Windows XP. Windows XP never had any exciting features but always made its place in the history of Microsoft. The Microsoft’s first consumer operating system that was multiprocessor supporting, multitasking and also multi user security supporting.

Do you know? The most viewed image in the world is Bliss image which is a default computer wallpaper of windows XP.

Bliss image

Bliss image-“Used with permission from Microsoft”

Windows XP has made a history in the world of PC operating systems. Windows 95 was also pretty famous but not as much as Windows XP. There are no previous operating systems which showed such longevity and for sure there will not be any other operating systems in future also. Windows XP operating systems was used almost 90 percent of the desktop users. When compared to Windows 95, windows XP has much more to offer to its desktop users especially after the release of the service pack 2. Many gamers were little disappointed with the windows XP version but later at the end none of these objections could stand for long time. Along with time windows XP became very successful.

Long journey of Windows XP:

After the release of the Service pack 2 in 2004, the Windows XP operating systems became more successful. It had improved WiFi, Blue tooth stack, the firewall was auto enabled, ActiveX and popup blockers security options. Microsoft made many different variants of this Windows XP version like Windows XP Tablet edition and also Windows XP media center edition but none of them could be successful. Windows XP was modern enough, robust enough, usable enough and well-rounded enough to support this extended life. Windows XP was the one and only operating systems that lasted for 13 years but also only this operating system deserved to be used for such long period. It had all the important features that are required for the windows XP operating system to be so successful.

The down side of Windows XP longevity:

Windows xp expired onAfter the release of service pack 2 in which many steps were taken towards the security, it has failed many new security features which the windows vista and Windows 7 versions had. The technology used by windows XP is out dated when compared to that used in Mac OS or Windows 7. To accelerate their user interfaces, both these operating systems use GPU’s powerful 3D capabilities. With many new features and security options Windows 7 has taken the place of windows XP operating system. Before the administrators and the developers can leave this Windows XP operating systems completely, it is going to end its support on April 8th, 2014.

Thirteen years is really a very good run for any operating systems where you can find many new operating systems coming up with new features. But it is time to move on with the latest technology and version as security of the data is really important. Windows 7 is the best option for everyone who really loved the experience of Windows XP. We also had latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 8 and its update windows 8.1 which is similar to windows 7 but the major change is they are built for touch PCs. These are really advanced versions with all brand new features and options.